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General Interest (Off-Topic) Chat Rooms
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The table below lists all the general interest chat rooms this site hosts, and also displays how many people are currently talking in each chat room. You can click on the headers on the top of each column to arrange the content differently. To enter a chat room simply click on the blue chat bubble next to the chat room you wish to enter. Alternatively, please visit: • All Chat Rooms Health Chat RoomsMental Health Chat Rooms

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Leisure Chat Room
Leisure and entertainment
LGBTQ Chat Room
Peer support and friendship
General off-topic conversation
Motivation Chat Room
Peer support for motivation and tasking
Parenting Chat Room
Peer support and friendship
Philosophy Chat Room
Off-topic chat
Sports Chat Room
Off-topic conversation
Technology Chat Room
Off-topic conversation
Trivia Quiz Room
Live trivia quiz game


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• This health chat network primarily believes in self-moderation. Please ensure that you utilize the ignore feature to protect yourself against any other chatters whom you do not wish to converse with. To utilize the ignore feature, right click on the person's name and select Ignore (alternatively type: /ignore nickname. For example: /ignore John). This important feature will prevent you from seeing any dialogue from the chatter you wish to ignore. See the Rules/Terms of Service for further details.








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