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Welcome to the Senior Health Chat Room
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HealthfulChat is committed to offering the senior population of the world a place to go to be understood and supported by your peers, and is executing this objective by offering you a Senior Health Chat Room, senior health forums, and a senior health social network.


This portion of HealthfulChat is where you will find others whom you can empathize and laugh with, support and advise to as well. Here, you are free to talk to other senior citizen's out there about a number of health issues, including both mental and physical health, diet, exercise, or how you keep a fulfilling personal life as you age. This senior health support network has also been created to ease some of the loneliness many senior citizen's feel due to children having left home long ago, perhaps now living miles away with your grandchildren, the loss of good friends and family, or, unfortunately the death of a beloved spouse. The philosophy of HealthfulChat is that peer support, along with the proper medical attention is the best medicine out there; which is why we created this part of the web site specifically for you.  Please utilize our Senior Health peer Support Chat Room, senior health peer support forums and our senior health peer support social network, to begin making new friends and allies today.


Although there are health concerns that apply to all ages, as you know, there are certain issues, such as, Geriatric Syndromes, age-related memory and/or hearing loss, driving concerns, assisted living resources, and the appropriate exercise and diet plans for the more mature population, that only others in your same age bracket can truly understand. As you become more familiar with HealthfulChat, you will be fortunate enough to not only talk to other senior citizens about parallel

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concerns, but will receive the benefit of making new friends around the world that can truly empathize with you.


HealthfulChat hopes you give this senior health online support network a chance to link you with many others living day by day with the same issues as you. No one in this world was meant to be alone; even if you are one of the fortunate out there who are not, perhaps you will make someone else's day better just by being there. You are encouraged to join so you can meet, greet, share and support with others.



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The services provided by HealthfulChat are designed to support, not replace any professional medical help you may currently be receiving.