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Welcome to the Fitness and Wellness Chat Room
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HealthfulChat is pleased to devote this page of the website to a fitness and wellness peer support group. In order to link those around the world whose concerns are fitness and wellness, we are offering you a Fitness and Wellness Chat Room, fitness and wellness forums, and a fitness and wellness social network.


Our bodies are our temples. We need our bodies to feel good in order to function in a healthy way on a daily basis. This Fitness and Wellness Chat Room, fitness and wellness forums, and the fitness and wellness social network are places to celebrate our bodies, take in advice on how to make the most of your physical health, and even give some advice to others seeking to be healthier for a lifetime. Statistics show that, "More than 60% of adults don't get the recommended amount of regular physical activity," and, "25% of all adults are not active at all."1 The preceding statistic shows that many people underestimate how important it is to take care of themselves. Considering the human body has more than 650 muscles, a complicated circulatory system which keeps our heart beating, a brilliant skeletal system which keeps us walking and running, 78 organs including the lungs, liver, and kidneys, and the omnipotent brain which makes all of these intricate systems work, that is a lot of ourselves to be ignoring. We hope that you enter this fitness and wellness peer support network to share exercise routines that have worked for you, perhaps a sport that has helped to keep you healthy, have natural vitamin suggestions for someone who is feeling run-down, or possibly you are looking for a diet and fitness regimen to make sure that you are around for a long time to come.


Self Help Aid
If you are one of the more than 60% of those who does not get the right amount of exercise, or the 25% who get none at all, and want some advice and support on getting healthier, this fitness and wellness community is the right place for you. Also, if you are one of the small percentage of truly healthy and active adults, and know from experience the difference that a proper lifestyle can make in someone, we encourage you to join this fitness and wellness peer support community to meet, greet, share and support with others around the world. Please utilize our Fitness and Wellness Chat Room, these fitness and wellness forums, and the fitness and wellness social network to begin your connections today.



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1 http://www.myfit.ca/



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