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Welcome to the Motivation Chat Room
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Motivation Self Help Aid

HealthfulChat is excited to bring you the Motivation Chat Room, forum and social network! Whether it be something as seemingly simple as getting dishes done or as time consuming as trying to establish a routine, this is the place for you. We understand how the many daily struggles in life can cause us to lose motivation, which leads to procrastination and ultimately makes us feel badly about ourselves. This can lead to depressive thoughts and it becomes a vicious cycle. HealthfulChat is here to offer you a place where you and your peers can come together and motivate one another to get things done.

Sometimes having a lot to do can be overwhelming to the point of feeling hopeless and you want to give up before you begin. Due to this, we encourage our members to use a 'buddy system'. Everyone involved will be there to support you while you take on your tasks for the day. There’s also the option to find a 'tasking buddy' so you can cheer each other along every step of the way. It’s been shown that being held accountable to someone does help when accomplishing tasks. The acknowledgement that someone is on your team and also recognizes your efforts can be very rewarding.

Lack of motivation is often an issue with those dealing with both physical and mental health issues. We understand that sometimes just getting out of bed is a task in itself. Which is why HealthfulChat offers a place where peers can encourage each other to tackle tasks that can make you feel accomplished, which will help your overall well-being. Whether the task be big or small we invite you to join our community and seek encouragement when 'tasking'. Feel free to share tips and tricks amongst your fellow peers so everyone can start taking on both short and long term goals.


Motivation Self Help Aid

This Motivation Chat Room, these Motivation forums, and the Motivation network offer you the opportunity to share your Motivation symptoms with others.



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