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HealthfulChat has created this web page specifically for migraine sufferers peer support. This portion of the network is here to offer you a Migraine Chat Room, migraine forums, and a migraine social network.


HealthfulChat realizes how crippling a migraine headache can be. For that lucky 1% of the population who escape even one headache in their lifetime, it is impossible for them to understand what a migraine actually is. Thinking that you have a simple headache, these are very likely the people out there who cannot grasp why you cannot go outside on a warm summer day to feel the sunshine on your face when you have a migraine. Even for the 90% of the population who have experienced at least one headache in their lifetime, there is little use trying to explain the intense pain, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and the horrible throbbing which goes along with it; only someone who has experienced a migraine headache can really identify with you. We wish to connect you with other migraine sufferers around the globe. HealthfulChat is proud to offer you a Migraine peer support Chat Room, migraine peer support forums and a migraine peer support social network to share with others your symptoms, what treatments and medications work to relieve your Migraine headaches. It is even a place where you can just be yourself and connect with others worldwide to meet, greet share and support.


In looking at statistics, "25% of women and 8% of men get migraines sometime in their lifetime."1 Of that percentage, "38% of people suffer from 1 to 12 migraines each year. 38% get 1 to 3 a month. 37% get 1 per week, and 11% get 2 to 6 a week." So many people are forced to miss work, important life events, and even just a good old-fashioned family dinner due to a migraine. Migraines can make you feel very isolated when you are the only person you know dealing with the pain and having to explain

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to those closest to you your absence to their home yet again due to a migraine headache.


HealthfulChat is here to tell you; you are not alone. We hope this portion of HealthfulChat will provide you with the peer support it was intended to through the Migraine Support Chat Room, migraine support forums and the migraine support social network. We hope that you are able to give advice and support as much as receive it, and that you have an enjoyable experience here at HealthfulChat.



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1 http://www.relieve-migraine-headache.com/migraine-statistics.html



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