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Social Anxiety Self Help Aid

HealthfulChat is here to offer a peer-to-peer setting for those who suffer with the daily struggles of social anxiety. We believe in providing a safe environment for those who need a place in which they can share their experiences and support each other on their journey to managing this condition. Everyone's individual experiences tells a story to which other peers can learn or relate and we invite you to join our Social Anxiety Chat Room to share yours.


Social anxiety disorder, also referred to as social phobia, is a disorder in which a person fears social interaction due to feeling judged, being watched or criticized by others to an excessive degree. Symptoms often include but are not limited to intense fear of interacting with strangers. Fear of situations in which you might feel judged. Fear of physical symptoms which can lead to feeling embarrassment. Oftentimes a person struggling with Social Anxiety feels as though they will make mistakes or look bad to others in a social setting.

There are many that struggle with these challenges every day and often feel misunderstood and alone. Social anxiety affects 15 million people in America alone. Also, 36% of people report symptoms for 10 years before seeking professional help1. We are a strong advocate for one to seek professional help when struggling with any mental health issue, but HealthfulChat is also here to provide a safe place where one can discuss this condition regardless of where you are on your path to recovery. We strive to create a venue where you can make friends, share experiences and even seek/give encouragement to improving your quality of life.


This Social Anxiety Chat Room, these social anxiety forums, and the social anxiety network offer you the opportunity to share your social anxiety symptoms with others,

Social Anxiety Self Help Aid





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1 http://www.adaa.org/understanding-anxiety/social-anxiety-disorder



The services provided by HealthfulChat are designed to support, not replace any professional medical help you may currently be receiving.